Urine Additives

Most people have time to prepare for a drug test, but how do people prepare for a drug test without prior notice? For people who have random drug tests with no prior notice they keep a urine additive nearby so their random drug test won’t be a problem.

Urine additives are chemical substances that are laboratory designed to be added to a urine sample to to destroy all toxins traces in the collection cup. Urine additives are ideal for people who have no time for preparation for a lab test or random drug screenings. Urine additives are the perfect solution for unannounced drug tests because of their efficiency, small concealable size, and price.

UrineLuck Urine Additive and Instant Clean Urine Add-it-ive are for samples that will be tested in a lab with a GC/MS while Spike Urine Additive is designed to work for EMIT test also known as drug screens, instant screens, quick screens, and new eCup instant drug testing.

We only carry the top of the line urine additives that have been tested by Independent laboratories and have proven record of working.