UrineAdditive.com FAQ

Can't I just add bleach to my urine to clean it?

This is a myth, adding bleach, soap, vinegar, or any other cleaning products will not work. They are not designed to destroy drug toxins.

Which Product should I use for Instant Screens?

Spike Additive is the only product on the market that can pass Instant Screens, also known as drug screens, instant screens, quick screens, and new eCup instant drug testing.

Why doesn't UrineLuck or Clean ADD-IT-ive work on instant screens?

UrineLuck and Clean ADD-IT-ive take 60-90 minutes to clean the sample. When your sample is collected it will be sealed and mail to a lab to be tested. Only SPIKE additive can kill all the toxins on contact for an instant screen.

Are any of these urine additives detectable?

No, all these products are undetectable and have no odor or color to them. Also, these products have their formulas change approximately every 24-36 months to stay ahead of drug testing labs.